In Portland, Oregon, there’s a cat named Scout who’s breaking all the rules about curiosity being bad for cats. Instead, he’s turned it into an art of imitation, thanks to his owner Susan’s daily routines!

Susan, a TikTok user, shared a video in early April that showcased Scout’s hilarious attempt at mimicking her. The star of the show, Scout, becomes Susan’s grooming sidekick as she brushes her hair. With utmost attention, Scout lifts his front paws and runs them over his head, as if he’s trying to groom his fur just like Susan!

The video became an instant hit, garnering 7.7 million views, leaving people in awe of this feline’s quirky behavior. One user couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm, commenting, “Ok so you get your paws…uh huh…and then you just…like this?” The collective sentiment seemed to be, “I would simply die for this cat.”

Interestingly, the Daily Mail reported that there’s only one other scientifically proven cat who mimics human behaviors. Back in October 2020, a cat at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary was conditioned to imitate its owner’s actions in exchange for treats. However, Scout’s mimicry seems to be more of a natural talent, as Susan shared on her TikTok account that she didn’t train Scout.

As Susan unveiled on TikTok, Scout lost his mom at an early age, which might explain why he’s so attached to his new mom. Whatever the reason, this copy cat is proving to be one clever and adorable companion!

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