A young guy came across a cat shivering on the snowy roadside. Despite many cars passing by, no one stopped, but he couldn’t ignore the freezing feline.

“It was super cold, so I wrapped her in a towel and took her back to my car. I cranked up the heat to defrost her fur,” he shared.

After bringing her home, he cozied her up with blankets next to the radiator and gave her the name Nika. The rescued kitty was overjoyed to be in a warm and caring environment.

Once at the vet’s, they discovered Nika was around six months old, and sadly, her tail was frostbitten, requiring amputation.

“She understood we were trying to help. Throughout the whole process, she was patient, never complained, and remained incredibly sweet.”

Now at eight months old, Nika is a lively cat, reveling in playtime and running around, thoroughly enjoying her newfound happiness in her forever home.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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