At the Skeletons Museum of Osteology, a group of employees had an intriguing idea – they wanted an office pet. Considering the abundance of bones scattered around, they deemed a cat more fitting than a dog. Thus, the Kitty Committee was born, and after some swift convincing, management gave the green light to welcome a feline friend into their work family.

As the committee ventured to the Moore Animal Shelter, a debate ensued. Cat or kitten? What kind of feline would best complement the museum? Little did they know, a charming cat named Sir Indiana Bones was about to make the decision for them.

“In the cattery, we just couldn’t make our minds up,” shared Brenna Glover, a Kitty Committee member. “But Indy had. He would grab Kristin with his paw, slink around us, and give everyone the most adorable snuggles. We knew Indy was the one. He chose us.”

With Indy making his intentions clear, the shelter graciously waived his adoption fee and equipped him with all the necessities for his new home. Adjusting to his museum and office surroundings, Indy quickly made himself at home – hence the “Sir” in his name.

“In the beginning, he would test his limits, specifically climbing on the skulls hanging on the wall,” Glover revealed. “When we would find him being a bit naughty, we would say, ‘SIR, NO!’ And that is how the Sir came about.”

Now, Sir Indiana Bones runs the show in the office and museum. He has favorite spots depending on his mood, from snuggling under the elephant skull to leading Skele-Zen (yoga) events or basking in the sunny spot in the gift shop.

“His reaction to guests is normally a friendly one,” Glover added. “He really loves attention. He will ham it up if he knows it will result in belly rubs. We don’t pressure him to be social if he isn’t in the mood. He’s an independent man who does what he wants.”

Weekends bring a change of scenery, with Indy having free rein of the museum or enjoying a weekend getaway with a committee member. Adopted to boost office morale, Indy has become a beloved mascot, spreading joy to everyone he encounters at the museum.

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