When this family stumbled upon a sweet little kitten in the neighborhood, there was no way they could let her fend for herself. So, they brought her into their home, officially making her a part of the family and naming her Rosaline.

The real question was whether Rosaline would hit it off with their existing family cat, Frank.

Curiosity led the way, and the family gently introduced Rosaline to Frank, unsure of what to expect. To their surprise, Rosaline didn’t hesitate – she dashed over to Frank and, to his bewilderment, started nursing. Frank, understandably confused at first, soon warmed up to the idea of having a little companion.

Before they knew it, Frank embraced the role and officially became Rosaline’s cat dad. He took his new responsibilities seriously, showering her with love.

Now, after a tough day of being a cat, they enjoy cuddling up together. Rosaline’s life has transformed from a risky street existence to being rescued, gaining her very own cat dad, and living with a family that adores her. Life couldn’t get any better for this little furball.

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