About a month ago, Chatons Orphelins Montreal got an urgent call about six tiny kittens in need of a rescue mission. These little furballs were found without a mom, just three weeks old, sickly, and in desperate need of some TLC.

Enter Marisa, the hero volunteer, who not only picked them up from the shelter but also chauffeured them to the rescue, miles away. Talk about a feline road trip!

“They were very hungry when they arrived. A foster volunteer took them in and started feeding them around the clock,” spilled the beans from Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

After a much-needed bath to evict some pesky fleas, these little ones were transformed into purr-worthy bundles of fluff. And oh boy, did their energy levels skyrocket the next day! They woke up in a cozy nest, their tiny purr motors humming as they soaked in the love from their foster mom.

“There are three boys and three girls, and they were underweight and had some stomach issues. After a trip to the vet’s, they were on the mend.”

For the first time, these kittens got to experience the joy of snoozing in a comfy bed, no worries about where the next meal was coming from. The cuddle puddle was real as they snuggled up together during their recovery.

With a rigorous feeding schedule (every three hours!) and a foster mom on high-demand for cuddles, these kittens became quite the handful. But hey, that’s the price of raising a bunch of furry mischief-makers!

“After each meal, the kittens would curl up together and fall asleep on their heated bed. It was a very sweet sight to behold.”

Fast forward to now – they’re 7-8 weeks old, full of life, and bursting with playfulness. Zooming around, jumping, and climbing things like they own the place. These little rascals are turning every day into an adventure.

“They see their foster mom as their mother and will meow at the top of their lungs as soon as she enters the room. Now, they all have chunky bellies and so much energy.”

From a rocky start to a purr-fectly happy present, these six little adventurers are living their best lives, doing everything together, and spreading joy wherever they go.

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