Nada, a kind-hearted woman, was driving home from work one day when she spotted a tiny stray kitten in distress on a bridge. The poor little thing was all alone and clinging desperately to the barricade, hanging on with just his claws.

Worried and unable to leave the kitten in such a dangerous situation, Nada called her brother for help. He carefully scooped up the scared kitten just in time, preventing him from falling over the edge.

Once they got him home, they gave the little guy a quiet space to calm down. Already having another cat in the house, they had all the essentials ready for their unexpected furry guest. The kitten, dirty and shaken, gradually started to relax in his new surroundings.

After a few days, he realized he was safe and couldn’t stop purring. Whenever Nada petted him, he would purr with contentment, demanding even more love with his adorable meows.

“He was getting so comfortable with me that I gave him a bath. That night, I took him to the vet who called him ‘a remarkably polite cat,’ which still makes me beam with pride,” said Nada. Despite a stitch on his elbow and a bruised back paw, he was in good health.

Now, this little ginger tabby has become a total cuddle-bug, following Nada everywhere she goes. His purr motor never seems to stop, showing just how happy he is to have a roof over his head and a loving human by his side.

“We’ve had him for a month now, and he’s lovely, super playful, and cuddly. Introducing him to our behemoth of a cat, Kimchi, has been a challenge but we’re patient.”

As for his name, they haven’t quite settled on one yet. They’re waiting for the perfect name to come along. “We like the idea of Mochi, but he’s such an affectionate shoulder cat that I almost want to call him Captain.”

This sweet little kitty is now living the dream in his purr-fect home, enjoying endless cuddles and love. What a heartwarming story! Watch the video to see this adorable tale unfold.

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