Meet Rumi, a tiny stray kitten who survived a Hurricane and found her way into the heart of a kind veterinarian.

This brave little furball, just 12 ounces in size, had a huge personality. She demanded her bottle on time, recognized her foster mom’s voice, and played with toys while trying to find her feet.

As Rumi grew stronger, she started exploring her surroundings, longing for a constant companion. Enter Mia, another orphaned kitten who needed a home.

Introduced to Rumi, Mia was initially shy but quickly warmed up. Rumi, in her sassy and bold way, became Mia’s protector and big sister.

“Wherever Rumi is, that’s where you’ll find Mia. They are always playing together, snuggling for nap time, and are just the sweetest kittens,” said their foster mom, Nadija. “The second you start talking to them, they both purr and come right up to you for pets and snuggles.”

These inseparable sisters love their playtime, zooming around the house and carrying toys in their mouths. They’re not shy about voicing their desire for extra snacks, especially Mia, who can get pretty loud when she wants something.

Both Rumi and Mia were orphans, but now they have each other, and they couldn’t be happier. Their adorable antics and heartwarming bond are a testament to the power of friendship.

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