In San Antonio, Texas, a tiny kitten found itself in quite the predicament – stuck in the rim of a car wheel for a whole two days. How did the poor little thing get there in the first place?

Well, cats do have a knack for squeezing into peculiar spots. Luckily, the family discovered the trapped fur ball before it was too late.

Despite their best efforts over two days, the family couldn’t free the terrified kitten from the rim holes. That’s when they decided to call in some local heroes – the San Antonio Fire Department.

The firefighters faced quite a challenge. Traditional methods like using soap to make the kitten slippery didn’t work. So, they had to get creative. The solution? Sawing through the rim.

In a delicate operation, the fire crew carefully supported the kitten’s weight, shielded its neck and head with a spoon, and skillfully cut through the metal. It must have been a nerve-wracking experience for the kitty, but after two long days, the resilient feline was finally freed!

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