Meet Big and Little, the dynamic duo who turned their street smarts into bravery, thanks to the love of their feline family.

These twin tabby kittens were found scavenging the streets of Philadelphia, searching for food and shelter. Luckily, a couple of animal rescuers from @kolonykats set up a humane trap and brought them to safety.

When they arrived, they were timid and unsure, in need of a helping hand. That’s where Erica, a volunteer for Charlie’s Army Animal Rescue, stepped in. ‘They weren’t socialized when they were brought to me. They hadn’t had very much human interaction,’ Erica explained.

In their new foster home, the kittens initially hid away, but soon, their personalities began to shine through. ‘They were barely five weeks old. For the first day or so, they wouldn’t come out of their carrier, or they’d run back in whenever I came in their room.’

Within just 48 hours, these once-shy kittens transformed. They warmed up to Erica, purring with affection and embracing the comforts of indoor life. Big and Little, as they were lovingly named, became inseparable, finding confidence in each other’s company.

But their transformation didn’t stop there. When introduced to Erica’s resident cats, Forest and Sloane, the kittens found immediate friendship. ‘My two adult cats, Forest and Sloane, love kittens, and they have helped Big and Little with their confidence and learning kitten manners,’ Erica shared.

Big, the outgoing leader, seeks cuddles from Sloane, while Little cozies up to Forest, who wraps his arms around him during naps. ‘Sloane was taking a bath, and Big climbed up next to him so he could get a bath, too.’

Under the guidance of their foster dads, Big and Little have blossomed. They now enjoy playtime, cuddles, and even share Erica’s bed every night. ‘They want nothing more than some fuzzy mouse toys, a soft bed, and love. They are each other’s best friend.’

From street kittens to cherished family members, Big and Little have found their forever home, complete with the affection and guidance of their loving cat family.

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