A family bought a boat and hauled it all the way home, trekking across several states. But here’s the kicker: when they pop open the hatch, what do they find? Two teeny-tiny kittens, just chilling inside!

Can you believe it? These kittens were so young, they hadn’t even cracked open their little peepers yet! Meet Pistachio and Raisin, the unexpected stowaways!

The family, understandably shocked, rushed the kittens to a shelter, where they were whisked off to a foster home. These little furballs were so tiny, they needed round-the-clock care from someone who knew their stuff. Enter their foster mom, a seasoned pro in the world of kitten wrangling.

At only nine days old, Pistachio and Raisin were in good hands. With lots of TLC, kitten formula, and snug blankets, they started coming to life.

“We tell them apart by their fur – the one on the left is curly, so he’s nicknamed Curly, and the one on the right is Moe,” their foster mom shared.

Fast forward a bit, and these tiny tots were still a bit underweight at two weeks old, but they were gaining strength by the day. Check out Pistachio (aka Curly) at 137 grams and Raisin (aka Moe) at 121 grams – growing like little champs!

And can we talk about the cuteness overload? Look at little Raisin giving her foster mom a hug! Those tiny jelly beans are just too adorable for words!

The family who stumbled upon these fur babies couldn’t wait to make them part of their crew once they were big enough. And guess what? They got the green light for their spay/neuter surgeries, so it’s official – Pistachio and Raisin have found their forever home!

From unexpected boat buddies to beloved family members, these kittens sure have come a long way since their stowaway days. Ah, what a journey!

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