Meet Grasshopper – the wobbly wonder of the household!

Grasshopper hopped into Micky’s life when she took him in as a foster kitten. Micky, a seasoned foster parent to numerous kittens and puppies, quickly sensed something extraordinary about Grasshopper.

Turns out, Grasshopper was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, aka wobbly cat syndrome, affecting his fine motor skills and balance. But don’t let the wobbles fool you – Grasshopper embraces life with gusto, and as Micky puts it, he’s got his own happy feet!

Despite his unique condition, Grasshopper lives a perfectly healthy and natural life. The family, including the dog Hippo, fell head over paws for this adorable kitten. The bond between Grasshopper and Hippo is unbreakable, with plenty of cuddles and playtime.

This curious kitty keeps himself entertained by spinning around, chasing fellow furry friends, and exploring the backyard. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll find him lounging in a cardboard box or catching a catnap with his foster siblings.

Beyond his love for Hippo, Grasshopper has also charmed Micky’s daughter. His playful antics bring joy to everyone, and the more excited he gets, the wobblier he becomes.

As time rolled on, the family couldn’t fathom parting with Grasshopper. They decided to make it official, giving him a forever home. Grasshopper now assists Micky with fostering kittens and puppies, and though he mentors many, it’s Hippo who holds the biggest spot in his heart.

In Micky’s words, Grasshopper’s love language includes “Food, Hippo, and cuddles, oh, and napping in the middle of the stairs trying to trip people!”

With Micky, Hippo, and the whole family by his side, Grasshopper is living his best, wobbly life. For a firsthand look at this delightful kitten in action, check out the video below:

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