Picture this: a gray cat named Puma, abandoned in a park in Northridge, California, staring out from his small cage, hoping for a savior. All he had was a sheet draped over his cage, a can of wet cat food, and a heartbreaking note that said, “Free cat.”

Luckily, a group of kind-hearted neighbors spotted Puma and couldn’t bear to see him left alone. Heather Plott, one of the neighbors, took matters into her own hands. “I couldn’t leave him there, so a neighbor helped me carry his cage to my house,” Plott shared.

Back home, Plott read the note attached to the cage and discovered that Puma was a 2-year-old boy. However, he was clearly overwhelmed and terrified. “He was very shut down when I found him. You could tell he was both terrified and confused. It broke my heart because he didn’t know what was happening or why,” Plott said, describing Puma’s initial state.

In need of expert care, Plott reached out to Sandra Harrison, the executive director of Kitten Rescue, and arranged for Puma to move to one of the rescue’s foster homes.

Now safe in his foster home, Puma is slowly starting to come out of his shell. It’s evident that he prefers to be the only cat in the house. The rescuers are taking their time to understand Puma’s needs and are giving him all the space he requires to feel at ease.

When Puma is ready, Kitten Rescue will set out on a mission to find his forever family. Despite the sign on his cage saying “free,” it’s crystal clear that Puma is utterly priceless and deserving of a loving home.

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